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How will It help my cold symptoms?

COLDSTORM® fights upper respiratory tract infections. Symptoms of sinus congestion and sore throat should improve very quickly and the normal progression of your cold should be stopped or noticeably reduced within 48 hours or your money back. Feel better fast!

How long before I will notice any results?

If you take COLDSTORM® consistently you should begin to notice a big improvement within the first 48 hours. Some people notice their sore throats and stuffy noses begin disappearing within hours. Depending on the type of Upper Respiratory Tract Infection you are dealing with you should continue taking the product until you notice you have returned to full strength. If you overdo it soon after then begin taking the product again to prevent relapse.

Are your ingrediedients NON-GMO?

Are your ingredients NON-GMO? All our ingredient are natural and NON-GMO. All batches of COLDSTORM® are third-party tested to be free of heavy metals, pesticides and microbial contamination.

Where do you source your ingredients?

We make every effort to source all our ingredients from local suppliers. Our ingredient are natural and NON-GMO. All batches of COLDSTORM® are third-party tested to be free of heavy metals, pesticides and microbial contamination.

What Other Benefits Am I Getting?

On top of combating and preventing common cold symptoms garlic has a pretty impressive list of benefits. They include, balancing blood pressure and blood sugar, improving athletic performance, boosting antioxidant levels and helping your body detox from toxic substances including heavy metals. Learn more – See the science

What if I do get sympton reduction or relief as promised?

If you take the product as recommended at the upper dosage limits for 48 hours and do not feel symptom reduction then you are free to return the product to the place of purchase along with your receipt and they will refund you. We will refund the retailer directly. Please consider that individuals that do not allow their bodies to rest, continue working, staying up late, consuming alcohol, smoking or using medications or recreational drugs will undermine the formulas ability to restore the immune system quickly. If this is you, continue taking COLDSTORM® and try to improve your lifestyle so that you can recover quicker.

Where can I purchase COLDSTORM® and other Strauss products?

Our products can be found at most fine health food retailers. Please click here for a store near you or contact us at 1-866-478-2873.

With chronic tonsil infections that lead to colds all the time, I can always tell when I’m getting sick when my tonsils get irritated.  I recently tried Coldstorm before bed and was amazed to wake up  with no throat pain or even the sniffles!
Natalie F.

Sooke B.C.

My girlfriend gave me cold storm to try for the first time when i started to feel sick with flu like symptoms . i work with 800 guys and they were dropping like flies getting sick . i got better quicker then the other guys and back to work faster . im hooked ..thanks cold storm!!
Josh M.

White Rock BC

After day two of having the flu, and trying other products with no relief, I tried Cold Storm for the first time, 20 mins after I had my first dose, I could feel my sinuses starting to drain and move again. The stuffy head feeling started to go away and I felt relief. I continued to take Cold Storm for the next few days and was amazed that a Flu that normally lasts a week or more with cold symptoms lasting 2 weeks or more. Was COMPLETELY GONE in 3 days! I have been recommending it to all of my friends ever since! It's has also helped tremendously with my chronic sinusitis. I no longer get sinus infections twice a year, and my family uses Cold Storm at the first sign of sore throats or coughs or sinus problems. We are all firm believers in Cold Storm and will use it above all else, to help us get through Cold and Flu season, and allergy season! Thank you for a wonderful product! You have a customer for life

Niki O.

Victoria BC

We received a bottle of Coldstorm as a gift and, luckily for me, it came just a few days after the beginnings of a horrible cold. I took it right away and the next day the congestion had started to clear. The cold was gone a few days later. The garlic flavour is well disguised and easy to swallow. We’ve also used it for our 6 year old with successful results. As long as he does not smell it first, he has no complaints about the taste. We now use it at first sign of any symptoms, and it seems to prevent any severe colds from developing. This product is an excellent way to boost your immunity during cold season.


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